Spiritual Progress Through Regression

including Enlightenment and Healing Through Meditation

Spiritual Progress Through Regression:  In this regression, Dr. Weiss leads you to a childhood experience, in utero memories, and then through a doorway to a previous lifetime.  Then through powerful imagery you are able to view scenes from even more past lives, each shedding light on your spiritual progress in this life, helping you to attain peace, understanding and joy.

The Enlightenment and Healing Through Meditation exercise leads you on a journey to an island of healing with crystal waters and dolphins, provides you with a treasure chest of manifestation, and introduces you to your spiritual guides, all helping you to gain a greater understanding into your physical, emotional and spiritual health and fulfillment.

Dr. Weiss’s CDs can be directly ordered from the publisher, Hay House, Inc. or from online booksellers such as amazon.com or bn.com.

Upcoming Events

  • August 2, 2024
    Miracles Happen: The Transformative Power of Past-Life Memories
    Rhinebeck, New York
  • August 5, 2024
    Past-Life Therapy Training – Rhinebeck, New York
    Rhinebeck, New York