Regression Through The Mirrors Of Time

including  Meditation to Inner Peace, Love and Joy

*Meditation to Inner Peace, Love and Joy is a profoundly deep meditation that incorporates positive affirmations, allowing you to find the beautiful peace which lies within, surrounding yourself in love.  The opportunity is given to contact a wise and loving being or guide.

In the past life regression exercise, called *Regression Through the Mirrors of Time, Dr. Weiss leads you first to childhood memories in this lifetime.   Then he guides you to visualize yourself in many mirrors of light, in different (often ancient) times and places in order to discover the blocks and obstacles to your present day peace and joy.

* Please note:  Meditation to Inner Peace, Love and Joy is the SAME meditation exercise as the one on the CD included in Dr. Weiss’s book,  Meditation: Achieving Inner Peace and Tranquility in Your Life,  and  Regression Through the Mirrors of Time is the SAME regression exercise as the one on the CD included in Dr. Weiss’s book,  Mirrors of Time: Using Regression for Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Healing.

Dr. Weiss’s CDs can be directly ordered from the publisher,  Hay House, Inc. or from online booksellers such as or

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    Miracles Happen: The Transformative Power of Past-Life Memories
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    Past-Life Therapy Training – Rhinebeck, New York
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