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Our hearts  know the path to happiness and inner peace.

Spiritual practices such as meditation and prayer remind us of what we already know.

When we forget our heart’s message and fall into life’s ruts and crevices, we feel unfulfilled and unhappy.

We get depressed and anxious. We have blurred our perspective, forgotten the bigger picture, and lost our way.

The remedy is simple. Take the time to remember your divinity, your spiritual nature. Remember why you are here.

— Brian L. Weiss

Dr. Weiss is not seeing any private patients for individual sessions in his office, by phone or online.

The Weiss Institute does NOT maintain a referral list and does not refer to other therapists in this field.

Dr. Weiss receives so many letters and e-mail messages every week that unfortunately it is no longer possible for Dr. Weiss or the staff of The Weiss Institute to respond to individual messages.

We at the Weiss Institute read all your correspondence, and we greatly appreciate your feedback, your comments and suggestions.    

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We have developed new resources on Dr. Weiss’s web site to address questions that people may have.

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