Thank you very much for your e-mail and letters.

I am gratified that my books have stimulated so much interest and so much thought. Each and every message is important to me, and I take to heart all that you share with me.

Your comments and suggestions help me greatly on my own path to growth.

 I truly believe that much of our wisdom lies within us. If we take the time to learn and to practice meditation, many of the answers to our questions will come to us. But we must be persistent and patient and not get discouraged. This is a practice for a lifetime.

Since I can no longer personally respond to your messages, I have tried to answer some of the questions that are most frequently asked at workshops and by mail on the web page named “People Often Ask”. Perhaps you will find something there that resonates with your own concerns.

 There are many wonderful books on the market, and I have found them useful in my own quest for knowledge and understanding. The suggested reading list on the website contains those books that I have found to be particularly thought-provoking. This is by no means a comprehensive list, and I try to update it whenever possible.

I also suggest that you browse the book shelves in your local library or book store to see what interests you.

Again, I am very grateful for your interest and support.

Warmest regards,

Brian L. Weiss

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