In Many Lives, Many Masters Catherine remembered a lifetime in 1863 B.C. How could she know that it was B.C. when B.C. was not yet a concept?

posted: November 29, 2012

In my book,  Through Time Into Healing  I explain the process of hypnotism in more detail.  In answer to the question as to how Catherine, as “Aronda” in a previous lifetime, could give a date of 1863 B.C., I refer you to pages 25-27.  In hypnosis, the person is the observer as well as the person being observed.  “Your conscious mind is always aware of what you are experiencing while you are hypnotized.  Despite the deep subconscious contact, your mind can comment, criticize, and censor. . .  Some people in hypnosis watch the past as if they are observing a movie. . .  In hypnosis, your mind is always aware and observing.  This is why people who may be deeply hypnotized and actively involved in a childhood or past life sequence of memories are able to answer the therapist’s questions, speak their current life language, know the geographical places they are seeing, and even know the year, which usually flashes before their inner eyes or just appears in their minds.  The hypnotized mind, always retaining an awareness and knowledge of the present, puts the childhood or past life memories into context.  If the year 1900 flashes, and you find yourself building a pyramid in ancient Egypt, you know that the year is B.C., even if you don’t see those actual letters.”

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