Same Soul, Many Bodies Excerpt

Discover the Healing Power of Future Lives Through Progression Therapy

by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.
Until a few months ago, on those rare occasions when I progressed my patients forward, it was usually into their own lifetimes. I did the progressions only when I thought the patient was psychologically strong enough to handle them. Often I was as unsure as they about the meaning of the scenes they brought back.

Last spring, however, I was giving a series of lectures on a cruise ship. In such sessions, I often hypnotize my listeners en masse then lead them into an earlier life and back again to the present. Some go back in time, some fall asleep, others stay, unhypnotized, where they are. This time, a member of the audience — Walter, a wealthy man who is a genius in the software business — went into the future on his own. And he didn’t go into his own lifetime — he jumped a millennium ahead!

He had come through dark clouds to find himself in a different world. Some of the areas, such as the Middle East and North Africa, were “off limits,” perhaps because of radiation damage, perhaps because of an epidemic, but the rest of the world was beautiful. There were far fewer people inhabiting it, because of nuclear catastrophe or plague or the lowering of the fertility rate. He remained in the countryside and so could not speak about cities, but the people were content, happy, even blissful. He said he hadn’t the right words to describe their state. Whatever had thinned the population had happened long before. What he saw was idyllic. He wasn’t sure of the date, but he was sure that it was more than a thousand years from now.

The experience helped him emotionally. He was rich enough to fantasize about changing the world, but now he realized no one man can do that, There are too many politicians, he said, who are not open to the concepts of charity or global responsibility. The intention to make the world a better place was what mattered, along with the acts of charity he could personally perform. When he returned to this life, he felt a little sad, possibly because he was no longer in the idyllic future. Or he may have been grieving about the coming calamity, sensing its inevitability at some level, as most of us do.

When he was awake, he described the vivid and powerful scenes, and the feelings and sensations he had experienced. This is one reason that I think this is not all imagination. Yet his excitement did not come close to matching mine, for I finally saw the implications. I had come to learn that past, present and future are one and that what happens in the future can influence the present, just as the past influences it. That night, I wrote: “We can go into the future if it’s done wisely. The future, whether near or far, can be our guide. The future may be feeding back into the present to influence us now into making better choices and decisions. We can change what we’re doing now based on feedback from the future. And that changes our futures in a more positive direction.”

Think of what that means! As we have had limitless past lives, so will we have limitless future ones. Using our knowledge of what went before and what is to come, we may be able to shape the world’s future andour futures. This ties into the ancient concept of karma: What you do, so shall you reap. If you plant better seeds, grow better crops, and perform better actions, your harvesting in the future will reward you.

Since then I have progressed many others. Some have progressed into their own lives, some into a global future. Science fiction, wish-fulfillment, imagination — all these might explain what they saw, but so might the possibility that they were actually there. Perhaps the ultimate lesson I can draw from this lifetime is what the future holds and how we can all influence it. That knowledge, at least as much of it as I have now, will color my next lives and yours on our voyage toward immortality.

The future is born from the past. Nearly all of my patients experience past life regressions before they journey into their futures. This route paves the way for increased understanding and allows them to make wise choices in the present.

That the future is flexible and that we will be present in that future are the concepts that are addressed in this book. Compassion, empathy, nonviolence, patience, and spirituality are life lessons we must all learn. This book will show you why they are crucial through the examples of some of my most remarkable patients, and I will add some simple exercises to begin to teach you how to achieve them in this life. A few of you might actually experience regressions, but don’t be disappointed if they don’t occur. If you master the lessons, this life and your next lives will be happier, easier, emotionally richer, and more fulfilled. What is more, if all of us learn them, the future itself will be better for us cumulatively, since knowingly or not we are all striving to achieve the ultimate goal, which is love.
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