Messages from the Masters Excerpt

by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.

Love is the ultimate answer. Love is not an abstraction but an actual energy, or spectrum of energies, which you can “create” and maintain in your being. Just be loving. You are beginning to touch God within yourself. Feel loving. Express your love. 

Love dissolves fear. You cannot be afraid when you are feeling love. Since everything is energy, and love encompasses all energies, all is love.

The majority of us do not live our lives as if we were aware of our spiritual nature. We act as if we are just physical objects, with neither souls nor spirit. Otherwise we would never do the insane things we keep doing. More than 90 percent of us believe that there is a God, that heaven exists, and that we go to another realm when we die. But our behavior belies these beliefs. We treat each other rudely and violently. We still commit genocidal acts and fight incessant wars. We murder and rape, we torture and steal. We continue to behave in very crude and selfish ways.

Fear prevents us from recognizing our true spiritual essence. Spiritual beings such as we are should be practicing compassion and charity, not murder and robbery. We have so many fears.

If you must think in terms of reward and punishment, consider that you will be abundantly rewarded for thoughts and acts of love and compassion. You will be invariably punished for acts of hatred and violence. Still, we don’t seem to understand this; instead, oftentimes we find the expression of love more frightening. We fear being rejected, being ridiculed, being humiliated, being perceived as “weak,” being labeled, or being foolish.

Yet even these fears are false: We are always loved and always protected. We are spiritual beings in a vast spiritual sea, populated by innumerable other spiritual beings. Some are in physical form, but most are not.

Love is the water of this sea.

Love is an energy, the highest and most pure energy. At its highest vibrations love possesses both wisdom and awareness. It is the energy that unites all beings. Love is an absolute and it never ends.

When physicists in their laboratories measure the energies that healers emit, whether they direct this energy toward patients, bacterial cultures, or elsewhere, I believe these energies are related to the energy of love (spiritual energy). Healing energy is a component of spiritual energy. With future research and improved technology, we will better understand this connection.

When physicians talk about the mind-body connection, I believe love is the connecting energy.

When religions talk about the nature of God, love is always mentioned. This is true for all religions and unites all of us.

One characteristic of energy is its vibratory pattern. Gas molecules vibrate more rapidly than molecules of liquids, which in turn vibrate more rapidly than molecules of solids. The molecules may be identical, such as H2O (water), but the frequency of molecular vibration determines the state, whether solid or liquid or gas.

It is not far-fetched to imagine that there is only one pure energy, that which we call love. As its vibration is diminished, its state changes. We are the solid form.
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